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    Economy Syringes with Needles are Luer Lock syringes that come with a sterile, stainless steel needle. Luer Lock means the needle twists on and off for a more secure fit. However, the syringe cannot be used for oral feeding.

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      Oxytocin Injection (Generic) is used to help precipitate labor, accelerate normal parturition, and help with postpartum evacuation of the uterine debris. It is also used as for postoperative contraction of the uterus following cesarean section to control uterine hemorrhage. Oxytocin is also helpful for the let-down of milk in mothers with adequate milk production. For animal use only. Do not freeze. Storage: Store at controlled room temperature. Do not freeze. ...

      Terramycin-343 Soluble Powder Generic
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        Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Soluble Powder (generic Terramycin®-343) is an antibiotic labeled for the treatment and control of specific diseases in poultry and swine. Used to treat respiratory diseases caused by specific bacteria susceptible to oxytetracyline in chickens, poultry and swine and is also used to treat Leptospirosis in breeding swine. 4.78 oz packet contains 102.4 gm Oxytetracyline. 23.9 oz packet contains 512 gm Oxytetracyline. Requires a prescription for residents of...

        Ivomec 1%
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          Ivermectin 1% Injectable (Generic) treats and controls the internal and external parasites in cattle and swine. This clear ready-to-use solution is effective against gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, lice and mange mites. It is formulated to deliver the recommended dose level of 200 mcg Ivermectin/kilogram of body weight in cattle when given subcutaneously at the rate of 1 ml/110 lb (50 kg). In swine, Ivermectin 1% Injectable (Generic) is formulated to deliver the recommended dose...

          Amoxicillin Capsules Generic
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            Generic Amoxicillin Capsules provide a broad spectrum of antibiotic activity against common gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens. The antibiotic is rapidly absorbed into most body tissue and fluids following administration, and it is stable in the presence of gastric acid so it can be given without regard to meals. Generic Amoxicillin Capsules are approved for treatment of susceptible organisms causing the following infections: Respiratory infections (tonsillitis, tracheobronchitis) due...

            Amoxicillin/Potassium Clavulanate amoxicillin potassium cavulante, urinary tract infection, clavulante potassium, skin infection, periodontal disease in dogs, upper respiratory infection in cats, dog skin conditions
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              Amoxicillin/Potassium Clavulante treats dogs and cats suffering urinary tract, skin, and soft tissue infections caused by susceptible organisms. It also corrects canine periodontal disease stemming from susceptible strains of bacteria. Indicated for wounds, abscesses, and cellulitis/dermatitis due to susceptible strains of the following organisms: β-lactamase-producing Staphylococcus aureus, non-ßeta-lactamase-producing Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., E. coli,...

              Pancrezyme Powder Generic- 12oz
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                Generic Pancrezyme Powder is used to treat dogs and cats with deficient exocrine pancreatic secretions. Uses enzyme replacement therapy to aid in the digestion of carbohydrate, protein and fat due to Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). Symptoms of EPI may include chronic diarrhea, weight loss despite a normal or increased appetite, frequent or greater amounts of stool and gas; and coprophagia. With regular therapy, diarrhea will stop and the animal’s weight and haircoat will return to...

                Clindamycin clindamycin, clindamycin capsules, clinda guard, clindamycin 150 mg, clindamycin for dogs, clindamycin cats, clindamycin dogs, effects clindamycin, antibiotic clindamycin, use clindamycin
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                  Generally susceptible organisms include Nocardia asteroids, erysepelothrix, Mycoplasma spp., bacteroides, Neospora, Babesia, Hepatozoon, fusobacterium, peptostreptococcus and peptococcus. Also penetrates white blood cells and abscesses well. Clindamycin use is generally avoided in neonatal small animals.

                  Carprofen Caplets and Chewable Tabs (Generic) Carprofen Caplets Generic for dogs, generic Rimadyl for dogs, prescription pain relievers for pets, prescription NSAID for osteoarthritis in dogs
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                    Generic Carprofen Caplets and Chewable Tabs are used to relieve pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis and pain following surgery in dogs. Carprofen is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) of the propionic acid clad that includes ibuprofen, naproxen, and ketoprofen. Carprofen is the same active ingredient used in Rimadyl®. For use in dogs only. Do not use in cats. Contraindications: Carprofen should not be used in dogs exhibiting previous hypersensitivity to...

                    Alcohol Preps 70%
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                      Prepare the skin for injection or incision quickly with Alcohol Preps. Individually wrapped preps are 2-ply, non-woven pads saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol. For external use only. Box of 200 pads.

                      Ivomec Pour-On (Generic)
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                        Ivomec Pour-On (generic) for Cattle is a powerful parasiticide with 5 mg/ml Ivermectin. Treats gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, grubs, horn flies, lice and sarcoptic mange mites in cattle. Sorry, this product cannot be shipped air service. Label may be different than shown. Ivomec Pour-On (generic) for Cattle applied at the recommended dose level of 500 mcg/kg is indicated for the effective control of these parasites. Gastrointestinal Roundworms: Ostertagia ostertagi (including...

                        Propylene Glycol
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                          Propylene Glycol treats and prevents ketosis in dairy cattle. 100% propylene glycol solution.

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