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Doc Roys Potassium Citrate + Cranberry prevents urinary stone formation and enhances urinary tract health in your dog or cat
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    Doc Roy's® POTASSIUM CITRATE + CRANBERRY is a dietary supplement for use in dogs and cats that contains ingredients known to aid in the prevention of calcium oxalate stones in the bladder, helping keep the urinary tract healthy, and reducing the chance of dog and cat UTI and urinary tract infection. Contains Cranberry extract that has been shown to enhance urinary tract health and help reduce dog and cat UTI symptoms. This versatile formula also contains essential fatty acids for skin and...

    Makes it easy to see when your babies will be born
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      The Revival Breeder Wheel helps determine when your babies are going to be born. One side shows the average temperature and gestation time, the other determines the approximate due date. Use for dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, goats, pot belly pigs, horses and llamas.

      Breeders Edge Foster Care Canine Milk Replacer Breeders Edge Foster Care Canine Milk Replacer,Milk Replacer,Dog
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        With two unique and beneficial ingredients, the Breeders' Edge® Foster Care Canine Milk Replacer gives your puppies complete and balanced nutrition. Made with the latest advances in milk replacer formulation and technology, including Bio-Mos® to promote the growth of good bacteria for a healthy GI tract, supporting the puppy's natural defenses. Globigen® IC (IgY) is an immunoglobulin that boosts the immune system, providing intestinal immunity and minimizing the potential for...

        Breeders Edge® Foster Care Feline Milk Replacer
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          Breeders' Edge® Foster Care Feline Milk Replacer is a nutritionally balanced milk replacer that gives your kittens the support they need when the queen's milk is not enough. Contains all the essential amino acids necessary to help with tissue growth, repair and maintenance. The lower levels of lactose make it easy to tolerate, reducing GI irritation, diarrhea and vomiting. Contains increased levels of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and energy to meet the nutritional needs of rejected,...

          VET BASICS Oatmeal Protein Shampoo VET BASICS Oatmeal Protein Shampoo, Oatmeal Protein Shampoo, Vet Basics shampoo, pet shampoo, dog shampoo, shampoo for dry skin, shampoo for itchy skin, pet shampoo for dry skin, dog shampoo for dry skin
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            VET BASICS® Oatmeal Protein Shampoo is pleasantly scented and moisture rich to leave your pet's coat clean, soft, silky and shiny. The formulation is pH balanced and soap free to help seal in moisture without irritating the skin. Contains Oatmeal and Aloe Vera, making it an excellent choice for pets with dry, itchy skin. Safe to use with topical flea and tick products. Safe for dogs, cats, and horses over 6 weeks of age.

            VET BASICS White & Bright Shampoo White & Bright Shampoo, Vet Basics White & Bright shampoo, Vet Basics shampoo, brightening shampoo, pet brightening shampoos, pet whitening shampoo, dog whitening shampoo, shampoo for white coats, whitening shampoo
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              VET BASICS® White & Bright Shampoo removes hair coat stains and yellowing, transforming your pet from dull and dingy to dazzling white and show-ring bright. The formulation is pH balanced and soap free, naturally moisturizing without drying the coat or skin. White and Bright Shampoo does not contain harsh bleach or peroxide. Safe for dogs, cats, and horses over 12 weeks of age.

              Doc Roys Healthy Eyes Doc Roys Healthy Eyes, Healthy Eyes, eye supplement for dogs, dog eye health, eye health in dogs, dog eye vitamins, eye support for pets, eye support for dogs, vitamins for dog eye health
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                Doc Roy's® Healthy Eyes combines some of the most potent antioxidants in nature: Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry and Lycopene; all proven to promote healthy eye function and longevity. The antimicrobial benefits of green tea, grape seed and cranberry extract, along with marshmallow root, help cleanse and soothe the eye, resulting in fewer tears AND less unsightly tear stains - all without the use of antibiotics. Additionally, Omega 3 fatty acids, chelated trace minerals, and Vitamins C, E...

                Doc Roys Forti Cal Liquid Doc Roys Forti Cal Liquid, Forti Cal Liquid, energy for pets, energy for dogs, energy for cats, energy for animals, energy supplement for animals, energy supplement for dogs, animal energy supplement
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                  Whether your pet is sick or convalescent, nursing or performing in the field, the quicker an energy supplement goes to work, the better. A truly superior supplement would provide sustained energy over time while being highly digestible, even in the most stressful situations. An energy supplement that met all of these criteria would be unlike anything else on the market. Doc Roy’s® Forti Cal Liquid is formulated from only the highest quality ingredients. Our natural glucose source provides...

                  Doc Roys PILL CONCEAL Doc Roys Pill Conceal, pill conceal for dogs
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                    Doc Roy's® Pill Conceal is made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that provides excellent mouth-feel, texture and functionality; providing a convenient treat that is easy to swallow preventing dogs from biting into bitter tasting medicine and spitting it out. Pill Conceal is conveniently wrapped in pairs to preserve freshness and functionality. Pill Conceal is corn free, wheat free, and soy free-making it great for allergy sensitive animals. Dogs love it.

                    Doc Roys® Daily Care Canine Tabs
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                      Formulated with 34 different vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, this supplement has it all. The most complete and comprehensive canine supplement available, Doc Roy's® Daily Care helps prevent and treat multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Formulated with a proprietary roast beef and liver flavor base to ensure dogs eat them right up. Made with artificial flavoring, so they're safe for any dog, even those with food allergies. Give the chewable tablet as a treat or crumble in your...

                      VET BASICS ChlorConazole ChlorConazole, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Ketoconazole
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                        Shampoo: ChlorConazole Shampoo is a pleasantly fragranced medicated shampoo with antibacterial and antifungal properties. Chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole help manage your pet's dermatological conditions such as bacterial skin conditions and fungal infections. It also offers a premium deodorizing and deep cleansing lather action. Spray: With chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole, this topical spray has both antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it ideal for a variety of...

                        Doc Roys® Forti Cal
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                          Doc Roy's® Forti-Cal helps get your puppies and kittens off to a great, healthy start. Increases the survival rate of newborns, providing extra energy and stimulating their appetite, which helps them gain weight. It can also be used for weak or sickly animals and performance, hunting and working dogs and cats, giving them the extra energy they need. Formulated with a tasty roast beef & liver flavor, so your pets will lick it right up. The artificial flavoring is safe for pets with food...

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