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OB Forceps
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    OB Forceps helps dog moms over 10 lbs with difficult deliveries. Opens sideways, making it nearly impossible to catch uterine lining. Puppy is gently grasped around the head or hips. Smoothly polished stainless steel.

    Ear Cropping Clamp- Boston Terrier & Min. Pit Bull
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      The Ear Cropping Clamp gives better cosmetic and consistent ear trims. This clamp is specially designed for the Boston Terrier and Miniature Pit Bulls. Clamps screw together and have smooth edges. Ears are normally trimmed between 7-12 weeks of age.

      ICU Cage ICU Cage, ICU cage for cats, ICU cage for small dogs, ICU cage for pets, JorVet ICU Cage, oxygen therapy, oxygen therapy for pets
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      Item #: 22770-Z -

        The ICU Cage is a controlled oxygen therapy unit that can also double as an anesthesia chamber. Add warmth or cooling with the reusable gel packs. Folds up into the small nylon bag for easy storage. Accessories include six color-coded venture oxygen delivery nozzles, small nebulizer, connecting T-piece and seven ft oxygen tubing. PVC lined for easy cleaning. Also includes a kennel mattress. The clear vinyl window covers make it easy to observe your tiny patient. Does not come with a...

        Small Animal Insemination Kit
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          With the JorVet™ Small Animal Insemination Kit, you have everything you need for the collection of semen and the insemination of the female. Includes a latex collection cone, four vaginal pipettes, 12 cc syringe with small plastic cap, cone holder, J-Jelly lubricating gel and directions.

          Monoject Blood Collection Tubes Monoject Blood Collection Tubes
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            Red stopper collection tubes used for centrifuge procedures requiring serum. Lavender stopper collection tubes contain an anticoagulant, EDTA (K3). All tubes are 3 mL.

            IV Administration Set sterile I.V. administration set, intravenous therapy for fluids and medications, pet health equipment, use with bottle and bags, kink resistant tubing, flow control, drip chamber, single use, animal hospitals, veterinarian use
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            Item #: 22735-Z -

              This single use I.V. Administration Set uses a Y injection site and detachable needle (20 dr/ml only) to make administering intravenous therapies easy. Compatible with both bottles and bags, it includes kink resistant tubing, a smooth action roller clamp to control flow and drip chamber with air vent. Sterile.

              JorVet Animal Stretcher animal stretcher, jorvet, sick dog, disabled dog, handicapped pet, dog on wheels, pet emergency, pet rescue
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              Item #: 22791-150 -

                No one likes to think about one of their animals getting hurt, but when emergencies happen, you want to be prepared! Whether your pet has been in an accident or simply needs some extra help getting around, this large animal stretcher offers optimum support. Three sturdy straps secure your animal, providing stability without sacrificing comfort. The bed is heavy duty nylon and holds up to 200 pounds. With wheels on one end and a sturdy handle on the other, one person can easily maneuver large...

                Nasogastric Tube nasogastric tube, feeding tube, feeding tubes, stomach feeding, gastrostomy tube, tube feeding, gastric tube, peg tube, dog feeding tube, peg feeding, tube placement
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                Item #: 25221-V -

                  For small animals who require longer term oral supplementation. Transparent plastic. Rounded, closed tip with two opposing lateral eyes. Luer syringe connector with attached plug. Sterile.

                  Universal Bottle Adapter universal bottle adapter, bottle adapter, syringe bottle, oral syringes, syringe cap, oral medicine syringe, rubber stopper, rubber plugs
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                  Item #: 22630-605 -

                    Dose directly from the bottle with the universal bottle adapter. Simply insert the adapter into the bottle, turn the bottle upside down, and insert your syringe to extract the correct dosage.

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