Re-usable Puppy ID Bands
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  • Adjustable to fit the puppy or kitten as it grows
  • Long enough to accommodate any breed
  • 12 unique colors for easy identification
  • Reusable, washable and color safe
  • Each band measures ⅜" W X 13" L
Need an easy way to tell your puppies or kittens apart? Sick of trying to tie strings or bandanas around wriggling balls of fur? Pupcolors are made from easy-to-fasten Velcro which wraps onto itself for a secure fit. No worries about the dangers of buckles, elastic or tied ends; Pupcolors are single bands of fabric with the hooks on one side and loops on the other. These bands can be adjusted as your puppies or kittens grow, and this ensures that they fit newborns kittens as well as eight week old large breed dogs. With 12 unique colors, you can tell even a large litter apart. Easily wash the collars and reuse them for your next litter!
Each band measures ⅜" W X 13" L
Reusable, washable and color safe
12 unique colors per pack
To ensure a secure hold, wrap the band straight and onto itself, making sure that the edges are flush. Simply pull one end to remove.
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