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  • It's The Scoop cat litter scoop cuts litter cleaning time in half!
  • Solid steel construction; no plastic to harbor bacteria
  • Ergonomically designed; lightweight
  • Large collection basket with beveled front edge for scraping stubborn areas
  • Does not create dust when scooping
It's The Scoop is designed to clean waste from cat litter boxes fast. It's made of solid steel construction yet it's lightweight and easy to maneuver. The ergonomically designed handle, with thumb rest for leverage, fits both small and large hands. The handle is also angled to facilitate cleaning the sides and base of the litter box. It's The Scoop has a large collection basket with a beveled front edge for scraping stubborn areas. The steel tines are positioned to let clean litter fall through with ease for dustless scooping. It's The Scoop is purrrfect for multi-cat families and professionals.
Measures: 13"L w/ handle x 6"W
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