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Facility Management

Best Kennel Practices of 2014

August 11, 2022


Best Kennel Practices of 2014

Throughout the years, Revival has worked with numerous facilities, learning much about current practices and pertinent issues. We want to share with you a summary of the best kennel practices that we saw in 2014.

Tip: Instead of changing everything you’re doing, change one thing in 2015 and see the positive results. Over time, you will feel more comfortable trying new practices and finding out what works best for your facility.


When talking about disinfectants, it is important to know the differences. For years we have heard that the cheapest, most effective disinfectant is bleach. The problem with bleach is there is little margin for error, and it can be a health hazard to puppies and kittens if not handled properly. Bleach is a fantastic surface disinfectant when used properly. That being said, surface disinfecting will not penetrate organic matter. Virkon is a great example of a disinfectant that will not only disinfect the surface, but will also penetrate into any missed organic matter. This is especially important when illness is going through your facility.


Diets are often missing important nutritional fundamentals due to the oxidation loss it can experience as it sits on the shelf. One diet may be low in Vitamin B, whereas another diet is lacking Vitamin D. Too many choices and formulation differences can present a daunting decision to you as a facility manager. In 2014, we saw many managers turning to the multivitamin/mineral supplement, Doc Roy’s® Daily Care. These flavored tablets cost pennies a day, are made in the United States and will assist in filling any nutritional gaps. We now have a flavored granule available for mixing with the food you are already feeding. This is a great, minimal cost and minimal labor option to implement for overall wellness.


In 2014, there seemed to be more cases of diarrhea with unknown causes. Those who have had this issue are quite frustrated because they ruled out all common causes and are left with no answers. There are many theories about where this is coming from, but as experts try to discover the cause, you still have to manage the issue when it comes up. A management product like DiaGel will stop diarrhea for a time so you can catch up on cleanup and maintenance, but it will generally not fix the problem long-term. A practice that is showing great success is a probiotic regimen. Probiotics have been shown to keep stools regular and minimize the flare-ups associated with stress. Use Doc Roy’s GI Synbiotics as it not only has the probiotics, but also includes prebiotics, which feed the good bacteria in the gut. Some have used 10 days prior to whelping in mom and then 7 days after whelping in puppies with great success.


Perhaps the most misunderstood part of kennel management is strategic deworming. Many of these worms have been around since the dinosaurs, so we are not going to kill them all off by giving a deworming product. The goal is to manage the worms and keep them at a low enough level that we do not see issues. Safeguard is currently the dewormer of choice as it is very broad spectrum and very safe. One of the best practices is to deworm mom with Safeguard 2 weeks prior to giving birth. This will lower the risk of worms being transferred to the offspring. When mom doesn’t give worms to puppies and kittens, you don’t have to fight to get them out. By strategically deworming you can minimize the risk of having issues from the beginning.


Vaccinating is essential for any facility to protect against deadly and highly communicable diseases. The vaccine brand you choose is not as essential as the strategy you use to administer the vaccination. Use the protocol you feel most comfortable with. If you would like some guidance, give Revival Animal Health a call at 800.786.4751. We can walk you through a simple vaccination protocol that best fits your situation.

We look forward to working with you in 2015, and helping you towards continued success!

If you need help, call us at 800.786.4751.

– The Revival Education Team

If you need help, call us at 800.786.4751.