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Forti-Cal for Fast Energy

Giving birth is hard work, but giving birth 7 or 8 times in a row is a marathon. Some moms, especially smaller cats or dogs, get worn out quickly. Since they don't eat during whelping, using Forti-Cal gel can boost their energy and help them finish strong. The gel is rapidly absorbed and won’t cause nausea during their contractions.

Try Forti-Cal gel on the slow or tiny puppy or kitten to give them an energy boost before they nurse. Wipe a small amount in their mouth, and then get them on their mom quickly to help them to nurse with more vigor. The result is a healthy baby with a full tummy.

When they are growing, kittens, small dogs and puppies can burn off lots of energy fast. Providing supplemental energy for those fur-covered bundles keeps them from having low energy problems and prevents them from becoming hypoglycemic. Feeding them granules or soft chews as a treat keeps their glucose levels up and allows fat-burning efficiency in the liver.

Hypoglycemia in hunting dogs is an issue the first few times out in the fall. Dogs are more excited than their owners and tend to hunt until they exhaust all the glucose in their bloodstream. They'll start staggering or fall down, and in severe cases may have seizures. The cure is simple. Call them in several times an hour and give them a few Forti-Cal soft chews for treats. This helps keep the glucose up, allowing the liver to maintain your dog's glucose levels without over-taxing the system.

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-Dr. B
Don Bramlage, DVM, Director of Veterinary Services at Revival Animal Health

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