A Happy & Healthy Cat Needs Some Furniture!

Are your cats making the most out of the tassels on your curtains? Is your furniture seeing the shredding effects of your cat’s scratching habits? It may be time to find some cat furniture.

Many owners see cat furniture as nice, but not essential for their cat to have. However, it’s important that indoor cats still get the chance to exercise their instinctual needs to explore, hunt and establish territory. If they don’t, they may become depressed & bored from the lack of challenge, or overweight from the lack of exercise. Scratching is also important, because it maintains and keeps their claws healthy, and it also stretches and strengthens their front legs.

Climbing towers, window perches or scratching posts are individually available, but many cat furniture pieces combine all of these activities. Towers and amusement centers let them climb, play, hibernate, scratch or simply watch the world around them. The rough texture of scratching posts is perfect for your cat’s scratching needs.

Make sure scratching posts are tall enough for your cat to fully extend, and that all cat furniture is sturdy enough that it won’t topple over. Put them in an easily accessible location – why would your cat go out of his way to scratch his claws when there’s a perfectly good sofa nearby?

By giving your cat the furniture he needs, you can ensure your cat thrives in the comfort of your home – without letting your house suffer the consequences!

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