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3 Ways to Help Your Dog Prepare for Whelping

 What three things should you do to help your dog prepare for whelping?

  1. Give Oxy Mate Prenatal vitamins for the same reason your mom took them! Switch to Oxy Momma seven days before birth to stimulate milk production. We want puppies born fighting to live and moms milking from the first day. We can manage away from bottle-feeding.

  2. Use Fenbendazole dewormer (labeled for pregnant and nursing moms) after day 50 gestation for 3 days in a row and go 6 days if you fight Giardia issues in your puppies. Fenbendazole is safe, and it gets 5 major parasites. If mom doesn't give parasites to her puppies, we don’t have to get them back out of the puppy!

  3. Give Calcium Gel at the start of labor and any time you feel mom is slowing down. Getting the litter on the ground in less than 12 hours helps with puppy stress and mom’s stress. Slow whelping causes uterine inertia and C-sections on the last few puppies; this is not desirable and hard on mom. Slow-whelping puppies are short of oxygen at birth, causing weakness and failure to nurse well. Being short of oxygen contributes to fading puppy, and we do not want to see that either!

Those are my top three things to help mom do her job. You may do more and should add prevention to avoid issues you are seeing in your puppies. It is all about getting puppies on the ground effectively and helping mom recover, nurse the litter and get ready for the next cycle. I truly believe if mom is not happy, no one is, and we don’t want puppies to pay for us not managing mom!

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-Dr. B
Don Bramlage, DVM, Director of Veterinary Services at Revival Animal Health

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