Humane Contain X-10 Multi-function Electronic Fence

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    • Human Contain Model X-10 is the most ingenious electronic fence on the planet
    • Rechargeable, waterproof receiver collar also controls the Power Pet Door, Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier sonic fences and Radio Mat Electronic Scat Pad
    • Push button battery and stimulus tester; no cumbersome test tool needed
    • Includes 500 feet of super thick, moisture resistant boundary wire
    • For all dogs 10 - 200 pounds
    The Humane Contain Model X-10 rechargeable multi-function electronic dog fence brings you the most advanced electronic fence technology for highly humane and extremely reliable operation. It uses the Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System, a proprietary technology that automatically adjusts stimulus intensity based upon your dog's distance from the boundary. This keeps your dog reliably contained without unnecessary over-stimulation. The ultra-slim RX-10 collar is waterproof, lightweight and has a rechargeable battery. The collar also features an advanced ultrasonic transmitter which controls other High Tech Pet products such as the electronic Power Pet Door, the Sound Barrier & Yard Barrier Sonic Fences, and Radio Mat Electronic Scat Pad. You may use this product as a stand-alone electronic fence or mix and match with other High Tech Pet products and accessories to create your own custom electronic pet care system. Made for dogs 10-200 lbs. The system comes with a waterproof, outdoor mountable transmitter with coded digital signal, fully illuminated status panel, audible and visual wire break alarms, power boost switch and variable field width control. The transmitter also accepts an optional, rechargeable back-up battery (model B-12V-0.8) that keeps your system operational during a power outage and automatically recharges when power is restored. Kit includes TX-1 transmitter, RX-10 multi-function collar, collar charger, 500-feet of Ultra-Wire, 50 boundary flags, 3 waterproof wire splices, AC adapter for transmitter and AC adapter for charger. Expand the coverage with the Boundary Extension Kit model BE-500 sold separately. Additional collars and accessories sold separately. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
    Multiple collar operation. No limit to the number of collars you can have.

    Has built-in lightening protection to protect your system and your home against lightning strikes.

    U.L. Listed
    Meets and exceeds all applicable government standards and regulations.

    (1) TX-1 Transmitter Base Station
    (1) AC Adapter for Transmitter (16 VDC)
    (1) RX-10 Multi-function Receiver Collar w/rechargeable lithium-ion battery (never needs replacement) and adjustable strap from 7" - 25"
    (1) Collar Charger (charges collar in approximately 3 hours)
    (1) AC Adapter for Collar Charger (9 VDC)
    (500-feet) of High Quality Boundary Wire
    (50) Boundary Flags
    (3) Waterproof Wire Splices
    Hardware kit

    For all dogs 10-200 lbs.

    90-day satisfaction guaranteed
    One-year warranty

    Additional RX-10 Receiver Collars, Boundary Extension Kit, and Driveway Crossover Strip are sold separately.
    Follow the instructions detailed in your manual.
    Step 1: Plan your layout
    Step 2: Assemble the tools

    • Straight edge spade or power edger
    • Wire cutter/stripper
    • Power drill with 1/8" drill bit
    • Phillips screwdriver or Phillips driver bit for your drill

    Step 3: Set up the Base Station Transmitter

    • Mount to a wall next to an 115 Volt outlet
    • Prepare Battery Backup
    • AC Adapter: Plug the 16 VDC adapter into a standard 115 Volt outlet and connect the DC plug into the receptacle on the right of the Base Station Transmitter.
    Step 4: Test the Receiver Collar Radio Function
    Step 5: Prepare Twisted Wire Lengths First
    Step 6: Layout the Boundary Wire above Ground before you bury it.
    Step 7: Test the system
    Step 8: Place the Boundary Flags
    Step 9: Fit the Receiver Collar to Your Dog

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