Sentry Fiproguard Plus IGR for Dogs

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    • New formula combines 9.8% Fipronil with 20.0% Novaluron
    • Insect Growth Regulator (IGR)
    • Kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs and chewing lice
    • Breaks the flea life cycle
    • 30-day topical treatment

    This new formula combines 9.8% Fipronil with 20.0% Novaluron, an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), to not only kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs and chewing lice but also breaks the flea life cycle. This 30-day topical treatment is for use on dogs 8 weeks and older.

    Directions for Use: Apply according to manufacturer's recommendations. Do not shampoo within 24 hours.

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    Best flea treatment I've ever try. And I've tried them all. I thought if it was really expensive it would work really good. But when I found this product I was proven wrong. Will see how the summer goes. I would definitely recommend you try this before you waste your money

    St. Albans, Maine

    Very Happy

    This product is a blessing! Working great, no more dipping, and spraying. The dogs do not itch, and roll on the ground after application. Thumbs up!

    Nice alternative to Frontline

    Have been using this for a month and a half now and it appears to be keeping the ticks off of our lab. I have not seen any ticks on our dog yet and will continue watching to make sure this product is keeping them off. One side note - when applying this to our dog if left a white residue on our dog's hair. I contacted our Vet and he explained that it was simply the carrier agent and that the active ingredient would be absorbed by the skin within 24 hours after applying. The residue did go away after a couple days and our Vet did advise us that we could give a bath after 24 hours of applying to get rid of the residue but we just let it clear off on its own and there were no issues. Overall this has been a good flea & tick option for us. The exact same active ingredient as Frontline and the price is much nicer!

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