Roll'n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box

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    • Roll'n Clean Litter Box cleans litter in seconds
    • No scooping necessary
    • Easy to assemble
    • Works best with clumping litter
    Roll'n Clean™ Litter Box cleans cat litter in seconds! Simply roll the litter box to the right and return. The unique patented grill inside the Roll'n Clean™ scoops out the clumped waste depositing it into the pull out tray. Just remove the pull-out tray and dispose. Works best with clumping litter. The large litter box is great for large cats or for households with multiple cats.
    Dimensions: 18.5"L x 21.5"W x 20"H
    Designed for large cats or multiple cat households.
    Directions for Use: Roll litter box to the right and return to normal position. Roll slightly to the left to level out clean litter. Return to normal position. Remove the pull-out tray and dispose of clumped litter. Return tray.

    Assembly Instructions PDF

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