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RX-10 Electronic Fence Collar & Kit - 28464-V
RX-10 Electronic Fence Collar & Kit - 28464-V

RX-10 Electronic Fence Collar & Kit

  • Everything you need with the High Tech Pet RX-10 Collar Kit with CRX-10 Charger and AC Adapter
  • RX-10 electronic fence collar works for all High Pet Tech's ultrasonic and radio products
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery never needs replacement
  • Collar charges in approximately 3 hours
  • Collar strap is adjustable from 7" - 25" for all dogs 10-200 lbs.
Shipped directly from manufacturer. Ground shipping only. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.
Keep your RX-10 electronic fence collar fully charged with the convenient portable charger kit. Collar snaps in to the charger station and the LED changes color to let you know when your collar is fully charged. (Takes approximately 3 hours.) The Humane Contain RX-10 Rechargeable Electronic Fence Collar works with all of High Tech Pet's ultrasonic and radio products, including the Humane Contain Electronic Dog Fences, Power Pet fully automatic Pet Doors, Sound Barrier & Yard Barrier Sonic Fences and Radio Mat Electronic Scat Pad. No need for your dog to wear multiple collars. This one does it all. You can add as many RX-10 collars as you like to your Humane Contain Electronic Fence to contain any number of dogs. Whether you use the RX-10 for dog containment only or as the controller for a complete electronic pet care system, this collar brings you state-of-the art technology in an extremely slim, lightweight package designed for maximum pet comfort. Rechargeable lithium-ion battery never needs replacement. This collar is fully waterproof and packed with advanced features, including High Tech Pets proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus technology. The waterproof audio speaker produces loud and clear progressive training tones for quicker boundary training. Has a built-in battery and stimulus tester and the dual radio receivers provide Omni-directional reception for consistent field width, regardless of the direction your dog is moving. Solid copper stimulus probes resist rust and corrosion and provide the best electrical conductivity. The strap is adjustable from 7" to 25" and made for all dogs 10-200 lbs. Replacement batteries are also available. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
90-day satisfaction guaranteed
One-year warranty
Collar snaps in to the charger station. LED changes color to let you know when your collar is fully charged.

ON/OFF SWITCH: During normal operation this switch remains ON.
Turn OFF only when the collar is being stored and will not be used for days.

TEST BUTTON: Pressing this button tests the battery for charge status and verifies operation of the shock circuit.


TEST LIGHT: When the collar is in normal mode this light blinks with every shock pulse generated. When the collar is in test node, illumination indicates good battery condition.

TONE SPEAKER: Emits an audible training tone whenever a shock pulse is being generated.

SHOCK STIMULUS PROBES: Contact the skin of the pet's neck to administer the shock training stimulus.

ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER: Built-in ultrasonic generator emits a continuous ultrasonic signal to control optional, compatible pet-operated accessories including Power Pet door, Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier.

Before using the collar for the first time, please charge the battery for 4 hours or more. Consult the Charging section below for instructions.

Caution: This test generates actual shock pulses so make sure you remove the collar from your pet and do not unintentionally touch the shock probes!

Periodically, remove the collar from your pet and perform the following Self Test with the power switch ON. Hold the collar by the case without touching the shock probes, and press the TEST button. This initiates a self-test of the battery and shock circuitry, with the following indications.

  • If the test light is SOLID Red the battery is OK.
  • If the test light is BLINKING Red the battery is LOW. Replace the battery soon. There may be less than 24 hours of battery left.
  • If the test light is NOT ILLUMINATED the battery is completely.
  • Depleted or the collar has failed. Immediately recharge the collar for 5 hours. When fully charged, repeat the test again. If the test light is still not illuminated the collar has failed.

Note: Completely depleting the battery is undesirable and should be avoided.

With the ON/OFF switch in the ON position, attach the collar around the pet's neck. Face the collar down and adjust the belt size to securely press the SHOCK PROBES against the skin of the pet's neck. Do not over tighten or choke the dog, but make sure the probes are in constant contact with the skin. Otherwise the shock may become intermittent and confuse your dog. Good training requires consistent stimulus. Once the strap is adjusted to a good fit, you may cut off the excess strap length.

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