RC-8 Ultra Collar

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    • RC-8 Ultra Collar is compatible with all High Tech Pet Humane Contain™ electronic fences
    • Applies pulsed proportional stimulus and progressive tone stimulus
    • Your pet decide exactly how much stimulus is enough to initiate the retreat behavior
    • Waterproof tone speaker for louder, more effective training tones
    • Super strong, chew resistant, integral poly-elastomer strap
    The RC-8 collar is compatible with all Humane Contain™ electronic fences and there is no limit to the number of collars you can have with this fence system. The RC-8 also works with the Radio Mat Electronic Scat Pad. Miniature electronics weigh only 1.2 oz. Features the proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus™ System found only on Humane Contain™ brand products. High Tech Pet's advanced dog training technology is based largely upon the use of Pavlovian auditory stimulus (training tones) to reinforce the main shock stimulus. All other dog fence brands use a tone speaker that is completely enclosed in the casing to avoid failure if the speaker gets wet. This type of device doesn't make much sound and does little to aid in boundary training. The advanced RC-8 collar uses a special, waterproof speaker that transmits sound directly to the air for a much louder and more effective audible training stimulus. The training tones are pulsed to follow the shock pulse rate. This yields a powerful enhancement to the training process, resulting in quicker, easier training and a more humane experience for your dog. Add a beautiful, yet nearly indestructible, poly-elastomer strap that is integral with the electronics casing, and you've got the state-of-the-art electronic collar at an amazing value. Strap is adjustable from 7" to 25" for all dogs 10 lbs. to 200 lbs. Uses one, long-life replaceable battery (High Tech Pet model B-3V8). Shipped directly from manufacturer.
    Collar includes one long-life battery pack B-3V8.

    90-day satisfaction guaranteed
    One-year warranty

    *Additional B-3V8 battery packs are sold separately.
    • For the receiver collar to properly apply the corrective shock stimulus, it is very important that the electrodes make good contact with the animal’s skin. Fur between the electrodes and skin can greatly reduce the amount of stimulus transmitted to your dog.
    • For this reason, we recommend that you shave the fur under your dog’s neck where the electrodes contact the skin.
    • Place the collar around your dog’s neck with the receiver housing at the bottom.
    • Fit the strap as snugly as possible without restricting breathing.
    • Make sure both electrodes are in good contact with your dog’s skin. Use of a little skin lotion on your dog’s neck will improve contact.
    • Once you have determined the proper fit, mark the strap and cut off the excess length.

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