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    • Pooch Pads are ideal for puppies, incontinent dogs or dogs that are home alone during the work day
    • Use on floors, in cages, whelping boxes, beds or any accident prone area
    • Washer friendly, guaranteed for 300+ cycles
    • Leak proof and odor inhibiting
    • Washer friendly, guaranteed for 300+ cycles
    Pooch Pads protect carpets, floors, bedding and furniture from puppy house training accidents. These eco-friendly pads use highly absorbent Microfine™ fibers to rapidly absorb liquid up to four times its weight. The top layer of the pad provides rapid drainage to pull liquid down. The middle layer is extra absorbent and contains odor inhibitors to keep the air smelling fresh, and the bottom layer is built to be durable and leak proof. Pooch Pads are ideal for housebreaking or great for dogs that are home alone during the day.

    Pooch Pads for Mature Dogs use the same Microfine™ Technology as Regular Pooch Pads except they can absorb six times their weight in liquids without leaking. Designed for older, incontinent dogs. Theses pads are also ideal for breeders as they are sized to fit inside whelping boxes.

    These pads are washer friendly and guaranteed for 300+ cycles. (Refer to washing instructions for details.)
    Pooch Pads (regular)
    Small: 17" x 23" (two pads per package)
    Medium: 20" x 27" (two pads per package)
    Large: 30" x 32" (two pads per package)
    2XL: 48" x 48" (one pad per package)

    Pooch Pads for Mature Dogs
    Large: 30" x 32" (one pad per package)
    X-Large: 36" x 36" (one pad per package)
    Directions for Use:
    1.) Place one or more Pooch Pads (logo side up) in areas where your dog has accidents or where you would like your dog to urinate indoors.
    2.) To entice your dog to use the Pooch Pad, spot some of the dog's urine in the middle of the Pooch Pad and let the dog smell it while praising him/her. This lets the dog know it is okay to go there.
    3.) Pooch Pads can be urinated on multiple times before washing if desired.

    Washing Instructions: Wash in regular cycle with detergent in warm to hot water. Some shrinkage of the Pooch Pad will occur after washing, this is normal. Excessive use of chlorine bleach or fabric softeners can cause damage to the fibers and reduce the absorbency of Pooch Pads. To dry Pooch Pads, use permanent press or medium heat dryer setting. Pooch Pads may also be hung to dry.
    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:
    KC, MO

    Pooch Pads

    I love these pads. I do use them along with the big whelping pad and they do a very good job of helping to keep my dog comfortable and dry. I even use the larger sized ones as well and they are great.

    My Aussie is 12 and recently as developed DM and lost a lot of the use in his back legs unless he is in his cart...mostly when outside. I can use these items in his big kennel (5'x5') or when he wants to just get out and be where I am and the other dogs. The larger pads work to protect the carpet, with a piddle pad on top of it along with his blanket. They wash well, dry well and even not adding fabric softener they don't shock him when moving around during the cold weather.

    For me, they have be a great find and very useful!!

    Va Beach VA

    Pooch Pads

    I like them. I will use them. I will buy more. But, in the first wash the entire back up row of stitching comes undone and out. The outer row, that hold the pad together, stays in tact.

    Old Bridge, NJ

    xxl Pooch Pads. 48x48

    I breed Labradors and use these pads inside My whelping Box.. They work Great and also Take the abuse without wear... (11 3 week old Lab Puppies right now) , I am actually on the site to buy more for future litters.

    New york

    The best!

    I have a miniature dachshund that has pee pee issues. These pooch pads are wonderful for her when she can't hold it or if the weather is bad and she won't go out. I have had these for 4 years now and they still do the job. I originally bought 6 of them. I wouldn't be without these!

    Jefferson City, MO

    Love them

    Thought they were a little expensive, but I love them. Dog can't tear them up, great idea.



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