All Purpose Nu-Stock

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    • Pierce's All Purpose Nu-Stock effectively treats most skin disorders, wounds and cuts
    • Kills ear mites on contact
    • Stops itching immediately, plus promotes hair growth
    • Non-toxic, contains no steroids
    • For use on all animals
    Pierce's All-Purpose Nu-Stock is an effective treatment for most skin disorders and skin-related ailments. Use Nu-Stock to speed the healing of cuts, bruises, burns, swelling and hair loss. Nu-Stock eliminates certain types of growths on animals and is effective against ear mites. It has been proven effective against rain rot, pasture fungus, proud flesh, gnat bites, dermatoses and hair loss in horses. Provides fast, effective relief from ringworm, screw worm, hotspots, red mange, demodex and sarcoptic mange in dogs. Use Nu-Stock on cattle after dehorning and castrating for rapid healing. Active ingredients: Sulfur 73%, Pine Oil 2%, Mineral Oil 25%.
    For topical use only.

    Keep out of the reach of children.
    Sulfur 73%
    Pine Oil 2%
    Mineral Oil 25%
    Directions for Use: Shake well before using. Cleanse area to be treated, let dry. Use a small amount at first to see how the animal reacts. Then apply to all affected areas. Repeat every 3 days until desired results. Do not wash off until reapplication is needed. May be thinned with baby oil if necessary to retain lotion-like consistency. To prevent eye contamination, wear protective rubber gloves when applying this product or wash hands thoroughly after applying.
    Treatment of Ear Problems: Apply down into the ear as far as possible once every 3 days.

    Horses: Use for cuts, burns, bruises, swelling, soreness, loss of hair, tender hooves, etc. Prevents proud flesh, and is very effective for rain rot, mud poisoning and dew poisoning.

    Warning: Topical use only. Consumption of this medication may cause nausea and vomiting in animals. Due to its bitter taste, most animals will not lick this product. However, to prevent them from licking, use a bandage, muzzle, old t-shirt, collar, etc. Prolonged or frequent use may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. If signs of sensitivity occur after using any topical medication, bathe animal with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of clean water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately. Use sparingly on pets under 12 weeks of age.

    This product has been used and tested for over 30 years. Guaranteed results if used as directed or your money back.
    Overall Customer Rating of 5 Reviews:
    West Virginia

    This stuff is amazing!!! I have Akitas in the summer every 10 days I apply it to there ears, chest, arm pits and around there tail...I never have any fleas, ear mits or ticks...For ear infections it's a miracle worker...immediate relief...I have recommended to my friends with horses, it the only thing she uses in the summer months...she recommended to a shelter for dogs and it's the only thing they use for mange and everything else...The best part is it is affordable!!!!!!!!!I wish I could tell everyone about this stuff it's that great...


    Excellent product

    I have used this product on several occassions for my dogs. Great results found many dogs infested with mange after three treatments all healed up and total new hair growth. Thanks for a really good product.


    Nothing Compares!

    • Quality
    • Price
    • NONE
    Use on all my animals and nothing compares to it. I have used this product on large wounds, it heals while repelling flies. Prevents scarring and promotes hair growth. Works great for mange as well. Can't say enough about this product. So glad Revival carries this product, it is hard to find!


    As advertised

    • Efective
    • Everything smells like sulfur
    I used this in conjunction with a change in diet and oral antibiotics to combat an ongoing skin problem with my dog. The vet had seen the dog 3 times and could not find a cure. I'm happy to report that the combination treatment that included this salve has helped the dog greatly and she is almost back to normal



    Works great but strong smelling does what it says. Good



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