New for the New Year!

With every New Year there are new products that hit the market and make life easier! Choosing the one that works for you can be confusing, but here are my picks for 2014!

Force Field All Natural Insect Repellent:

This product is all natural and works! Force Field contains the same natural oils that are used by natives of the Amazon to keep mosquitoes off of them and their families. The science behind it shows that it confuses flying insects into thinking you are not a food source so they do not bite – I like that approach! One scientist described it as making you blend in with the environment so insects won’t be attracted to you or your pet. Force Field is made from all natural tree nut oils that are harvested without damaging the tree itself which makes it a great renewable and environmentally friendly product. There are not many people who enjoy mosquito or fly bites and Force Field repels flying insects all day! If you or your pet seems to always attract those pesky, biting insects then Force Field is what you have been waiting for. It will keep biting insects away from your bare skin and off of your pet. It is an excellent and safe, natural alternative to harsh chemicals!

Doc Roy's Rescue Derm Skin Therapy:

Doc Roy's Rescue-Derm is another product derived from natural oils from the Amazon. This natural Amazon ointment is absorbed quickly, has no residue and treats all kinds of skin issues. Ointments left on the surface can be quickly removed by dogs or cats when they lick the application area. Rescue-Derm is assimilated into the skin, so licking it off is not a problem. This is important when you are treating the top of the nose or feet. I have used this product to heal my cracked cuticles and sore elbows that I get every winter. Rescue-Derm heals these cuticle cracks in 48 hours and softens dry, sore elbows in 24 hours.

Where was Rescue Derm developed?

The ingredients in Rescue-Derm were used in the Amazon by natives for centuries where they were used to treat bug bites, rashes, dry skin as well as many other skin issues. Native Amazonians spent centuries perfecting it and we benefit from its effectiveness.

How it works:

Doc Roy's Rescue Derm encourages healing by softening the tissue and eliminates inflammation and cracks quickly. This is especially helpful on foot pads or fingers and stops the pain fast! Rescue-Derm is a solution for issues on the top of the nose and pads that are cut or damaged by winter chemicals.

Probiotic Research:

Also new for 2014 is how to use Probiotics to their best potential! The GI Track contains 70% of our immune system and the stomach is the first line of defense in food poisoning. When eating bacteria contaminated food or Probiotic, the stomach will kill over 70% of the bacteria! That accounts for the unreliable results in the past with using Probiotics to reset the gut back to normal.

From research we know the product you use is important. The Probiotic must bypass the stomach enzymes and acid and become active in the small intestine to give consistent results. This principal is the same in any mammal. Newer Probiotics are going this direction already but the products that I currently use are Doc Roy's GI Synbiotics Gel or Powder and Health Gard, both bypass the stomach defenses. Remember that babies are born with sterile guts and mom gives them bacteria while cleaning. By day 3 the gut is seeded with bacteria by the mom, which can be good or bad bacteria! Giving Probiotic at day 3 and 4 is important to help digestion and if you are bottle feeding you need to add probiotic to milk daily to keep babies digesting effectively. If you didn’t like your probiotic results in the past it is worth trying these new options!

With the New Year we get a new chance to improve the things we do every day. Don’t change everything you are doing, but a small tweak every year will help you keep all of your animals healthy. Let Revival Animal Health help you with all of your New Year's resolutions. We take pride in helping all of those who are involved with animals and will work with you to keep them healthy and eliminate any of the problems you may face during 2014! It is all about having a healthy and happy animal and – that is what we all strive for.

Good luck in your New Year and let’s make 2014 the best year yet!

- Dr. B

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