Guillotine Nail Clipper

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    • Millers Forge Guillotine Nail Clipper is heat treated for extra sharpness and long life
    • Features sure-grip, rubber-coated handles for comfort and control
    • High carbon steel blade
    • Ideal for all companion animals
    • Comes with replacement blade
    The Millers Forge Guillotine Nail Clipper is ideal for all companion animals. The high carbon steel blade is heat treated for extra sharpness and long life. The sure-grip, rubber-coated handles are made to ensure comfort and control, plus the blade can be quickly changed - replace in 15 seconds! Comes with replacement blade.
    Measures: Approximately 5"L
    Hold trimmer with screws facing away from you. Cut nail taking only the tip and avoid cutting the veins, which are easy to see in translucent nails, but difficult in dark nails. If nail has grown extremely long, cut off a little and then wait a week before trimming again.

    Blade Replacement Instructions:
    1. Hold trimmer upside down. Put paperclip or small nail in small hole, squeeze handles together, and release and remove blade.
    2. To replace, use either method A or B. Note that the honed portion of the blade should face the bottom of the trimmer.

    A. Hold upside down. Using index finger and thumb, push spring up against inside of handle. Insert blade until only about ¼ inch is showing. Release spring and blade should catch.
    B. Push new blade in until the small holes in blade and trimmer are aligned. Insert nail, paperclip, etc., squeeze handles shut and release. Blade should be in place.



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