Metro Air Force Cage/Crate Cooling Fan

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    • Metro® Cage Cooling Fan keeps pets cool
    • Hangs on any pet cage, crate or carrier
    • Two speed control options
    • Powerful air circulation
    • Ultra-quiet operation
    Metro® Air Force® Cage/Crate Cooling Fan lets your pets breathe easier. This deluxe, portable, high quality fan protects your pets from uncomfortable, dangerous hot weather and keeps them cool and relaxed when traveling or at home. Designed to be ultra-quiet, it will never frighten your pets. It works on two "D" batteries to provide up to 100 hours of running time, with two speeds for maximum efficiency and powerful air circulation. Easily clips onto any standard cage, crate, or pet carrier.
    Measures: 6"H x 7"W x 2½"D
    Required: 2 (two) D batteries (not included)
    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    100 hour claim in an out right lie.

    Bought this fan on the advertised claim that the fan can be run for up to 100 hours on D-cell batteries. Well, even with Duracell batteries and the fan running on low, the best it will do is maybe 20 hours. That's a far cry from their advertised 100 hours. When I called the company the woman who I spoke to said, "where did you gear the 100 hour claim?", I said, "how about on the box". Apparently they don't even know what the print on the box for this fan. Useless.


    Piece of garbage

    I would give this a -10 if they had one. I have bought 2 of these and neither last as long as the first set of batteries. I use it maybe an hour at a time and after 5 hrs I have to tap it to get it to work.

    Learned my lesson and will never buy another!

    Victoria, Australia

    Great for animals of all sizes

    I purchased these for the club I belong to, the Australian Rat Fanciers Society Inc. Victoria, for our members to use when we display our pet rats at shows and expos. On those days when it gets quite hot, the rats are kept cool with the Metro fans hung on their cages. We also use them at home.



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