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    • The Lixit® Dog Waterer provides sanitary bottle watering, even in temporary enclosures
    • Premium stainless steel tube features double balls, and special tube tip provides 3 times more water
    • Weather-resistant bottle with a two-piece wire bottle holder for easy attachment
    • Wide-mouth makes it easy to fill and clean
    • Veterinarian and airline approved
    Now you can give your dog sanitary bottle watering, even in temporary enclosures with the Lixit Dog Waterer. The premium stainless steel tube features double balls, and the special tube tip provides 3 times more water than ordinary tubes. Uses a vacuum lock for water flow control. Weather-resistant bottle with a two-piece wire bottle holder for easy attachment to most cages. The wide-mouth of the bottle makes it easy to fill and clean. Veterinarian and airline approved. For use on pet carriers, holding pens, chain link fencing, cages and kennels. BPA free.
    Always fill bottle completely full.
    Continuous dripping can occur if cap is not tightened securely.
    Check that gasket is in place in cap.
    Always use the bottle support hanger.
    Install out of direct sunlight.
    Permanent hanger installation is recommended. Use pliers to crimp bail loops over cage wire.
    If ice cubes are used on hot days, water will drip more than normal. This is caused from the difference between the inside water temperature and outside air temperature.
    For easier installation, install wires using an empty bottle. This will help with proper fit. After you have decided on the proper location, pinch wires closed using pliers so wires will not get knocked off.
    Always mount bottles to outside of cage. Only the tube extends into the cage.
    Remove support wire from bottle before filling with water. Fill bottle to top. Screw cap tightly. Test by pressing control ball.

    These bottles use a vacuum lock for water flow control, not valve action. You will experience occasional dripping with your water bottle. This is normal. Please follow these steps to prevent excessive dripping. Remember: the larger the capacity of the bottle, the longer it takes to create a vacuum. Sometimes these bottles can take up to 1 hour depending on conditions.

    1. Always fill bottle completely full with room temperature water. A bottle not completely filled will drip more while making a vacuum.
    2. Make sure the gasket is in place inside the cap, and lies flat without any ripples or cuts.
    3. Tighten cap securely. The cap must be on very, very tight.
    4. Place your bottle over a sink or bring it outside. With tube and cap facing down, gently squeeze bottle to displace any remaining air out through the tube. A little water may squirt out.
    5. Immediately tap the ball bearing several times to ensure vacuum is working. You may have to depress the ball bearing for several minutes. This is a large capacity bottle, and it can take 15 minutes to stop dripping after tapping.
    6. Always use both wires when attaching to the cage. Without the support wire, the bottle will leak.
    7. Once you hang the bottle, it can take several minutes or longer to create the vacuum. Tap ball bearing several more times to ensure vacuum is working.
    8. Remember: if the bottle is shaken or bounced about (as in a car), the bottle can lose vacuum and occasionally drip until the vacuum is reestablished.
    9. Always test your bottle before leaving your pet alone. It is recommended that your pet's water bottle should be checked and changed daily when possible.
    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
    Bremerton, WA

    I found that the type you can refill from the top often leaks. I have now replaced most of those with this Lixit water bottle. As long as you make sure when you fill it that there are NO air bubbles at the top, it does NOT leak. Every time you fill it, you have to fill it completely so that there are no air bubbles.

    Dog Owner

    "I recently purchased one of these for my puppy and the stupid thing won't stop leaking!!! Well so much for a no leak water supply for a traveling dog!!

    I rate this item as a minus 100. I won't even pass it on to the collection agency for homeless pets! It is total GARBAGE!!"


    I use many of these bottles. I put a small clamp type bird cup on the kennel to catch the drips. I clean the bottles often, especially the tube. I twist the corner of a small towel and turn it in all directions the tube. If you drop the bottle on the tube, you will damage the tube and it will leak.



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