Lixit Dog Faucet Waterer L-100

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    • Lixit® Dog Faucet Waterer L-100 provides your dog with a limitless supply of fresh, clean water
    • Activated by your pet's touch, providing water on demand
    • Easily attaches to any standard faucet or hose bib
    • Fresh drinking water is provided with just a lick
    • Shuts off automatically
    Lixit® Dog Faucet Waterer L-100 provides your dog with a limitless supply of fresh, clean water. Easily attaches to any standard faucet or hose bib. Activated by your pet's touch, providing water on demand. When your dog licks the lever, fresh drinking water flows directly into their mouth. Once your dog stops licking, it shuts off automatically.
    Measures 3¾" long.

    Always make sure your dog waterer is working and your dog knows how to use it before leaving your dog alone.

    For use with anti-siphon valves, a spacer or pressure regulator may be required.
    Screw the dog waterer onto an outdoor faucet. Turn the faucet on all the way and press on the lever to show your dog how it works. Your dog will see the water come out and start drinking.

    If your dog does not start drinking immediately, help your dog learn by unscrewing the waterer from the faucet just enough so water trickles from the threads down over the waterer. This should attract your dog. Be sure to remove other sources of water. After several hours, demonstrate for your dog again. You can also smear peanut butter or soft cheese on the lever to encourage your dog to lick it and activate the water.

    Once your dog is trained, tighten the waterer securely onto the faucet.
    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    use caution with senior dogs and position high

    We have 7 large dogs and have always provided a Lixit for their use outdoors. Recently a senior dog develop aspirated pneumonia and was severely ill, and it appears use of the Lixit was the cause. Also probably the cause of aspirated pneumonia in two other elderly dogs of ours several years ago at which time we didn't make the connection. This time, after fully recovering from the pneumonia, she again started using the Lixit and almost immediately started coughing after use and again sounded congested. We removed the Lixit and went back to a standard pail and almost immediately coughing and congestion stopped. It's been over 4 weeks and no further congestion or coughing so we are convinced the use of the Lixit was the cause. We are trying to figure out a way to ensure that the dogs don't tilt their head sideways when licking from the Lixit so that water won't be aspirated, but it's difficult with a large dog as the standard faucet is only 12 - 16" high. So while Lixit's a wonderful way to ensure constantly clean water watch senior dogs carefully, and try to position it high enough so they won't turn their heads while lapping from it.

    San Bernardino,CA

    25 years and still going strong.

    25 years ago I found this at a pet store.It has been on the same faucet for 19 years. Was looking for extras when I saw no one had written a review. Every responsible dog owner should have one. Clean fresh water on demand. No bowl to clean. Who could ask for more? If it starts leaking around the faucet just change the washer. (Standard garden hose washer) I've only had to do it once.



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