Litter Locker II Refills

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    • Litter Locker® II Refills seal in litter odor and bacteria
    • One refill lasts up to two months per cat
    • Provides long-lasting freshness
    • Installs quickly into your Litter Locker® II Cat Litter Disposal System
    • Hygienic, revolutionary breakthrough in litter maintenance
    The Litter Locker® II Refill seals away cat litter clumps, odors, and bacteria in an airtight, multi-layer bag. Each bag is made of seven-layers of odor controlling film and comes inside a plastic ring that quickly installs into you Litter Locker® II Cat Litter Disposal System. Hygienic, easy to use and keep odors from escaping. The barrier bag stores litter up to two weeks and each cartridge gives up to two months of odor-free litter control per cat. Made in Canada.
    Litter Locker® II Refills can only be used with the Litter Locker® II System.
    Refill container made from 50% recycled material.
    Made in Canada.
    Directions for Use: Remove plastic ring from top of cartridge. Pull first bag up then down through the center of the cartridge ring. Tie a secure knot in the bottom of the bag. Remove plastic top on the Litter Locker® II Disposal System and put in the cartridge ring. Hold the handle in the open position, unlock the bottom of the unit and pull bag down into the bottom of the unit. Click closed the bottom of the Litter Locker® II Disposal System, release the handle and replace the top.

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