New Pet Age 2013 Huntington Townhouse Rabbit Hutch

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Starting at: $309.99
    • 2013 Huntington Townhouse Rabbit Hutch gives rabbits two levels of ample space
    • Made with eco-Flex™, a durable material made with recycled polymers and wood fibers
    • Resists moisture; pet urine does not soak in
    • Three doors for convenient access and a pull-out drawer for easy cleaning
    • Easy to assemble; no tools required
    The 2013 Huntington Townhouse Rabbit Hutch gives your rabbits two levels of ample space with an easy-climb ramp in-between. Made with eco-friendly recycled polymers and wood fibers that resist moisture, won't splinter or crack. Pet urine does not soak in. Three doors for easy access and a pull out drawer for easy cleaning. No tools required. Easy assembly. Exterior measures 31.9"L x 39.4"W x 48.0"H. Shipped directly from manufacturer.
    Exterior measures: 31.9"L x 39.4"W x 48.0"H
    Upper level large access door measures: 21.75"W x 15.125"H
    Upper level small door measures: 9.25"W x 15.125"H
    Lower level door measures: 32"W x 13"H

    Made with ecoFlex™ an eco-friendly composite of recycled polymers and wood fibers.
    Assemble according to manufacturer's instructions. Easy, no-tools assembly.
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Flimsy, no floor, way overpriced

    Oh my, let's get the primary review over. This unit is worth all of maybe $75. Not the $309.99 that I paid. Although the attempt was made to cushion the pieces, it didn't survive the trip. The material itself appears to be virtually indestructible, the really important parts are hollowed out and therefore didn't make it (crushed). I will have to add hinges to get the small door to stay on. There isn't a floor only a wonky pan with a handle where as one's pet critter will be walking in their feces, instead a drop through mesh floor. So much for the drawer and the idea of easy cleaning. Two gashes (holes) where they were not suppose to be. Black rubber type manufacturing marks in several places. Some scratches/marred. Not fixable. Cracked corner near roof (used gorilla crazy glue). Staples hold the screens in.

    This unit is NOT predator proof. It would not take much to flip it over by a larger dog, hungry coyote etc. The latches can be quickly opened by racoons.

    Now for the good parts, I would (if it was in perfect shape and not caring how much it cost), put this unit in a predator proof enclosure, out of the elements. It has plastic screws and needs a wire mesh floor.

    Excellent instructions and very easy to put together. It took me an hour, but I was moving very slowly. On a better day I could have put this together in 20 minutes. There are no floors top or bottom. The only great thing is that I have an expensive template to make a real one from wood. This unit is only good use is as an emergency holding cell.

    I did not contact customer service due to the long interval between my receiving this (10/11/14) and my now putting it together 01/17/15. The shipping boxes looked fine. Shame on me for not checking them sooner. (I've been ill). Bottom line, you can build yourself one much much better with what this one cost. I would have attempted one but I am getting old and tired of fixing stuff. Needed to nurse a sick chicken, ugh.

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