Heated Whelping Nest

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    • The Heated Whelping Nest ensures puppies receive consistent heat during the first 7 to 10 days of their life
    • Uses an electronic heat sensor to constantly gauge the temperature and adjust it as necessary
    • Dish shape stimulates a natural nest and keeps the pups all together in one area
    • Sealed to protect against moisture/urine
    • Plastic surface is easy to clean
    Since puppies cannot retain their own body temperature for the first 7 to 10 days of their life, it's important they receive consistent heat. With an electronic heat sensor, the Heated Whelping Nest constantly gauges the temperature and adjusts it as necessary. The nest can be adjusted from 85 to 100°F. It is preset at 95°F but can be set lower for heat pad or higher for stress pad. The dish shape simulates a natural nest and keeps the pups all together in one area, so they can't roll or crawl into unknown territory. The plastic surface and finished floor are easy to clean. Constructed of tough, ABS plastic and is sealed to protect against moisture/urine. Outside diameter measures 23".
    Outside Diameter: 23"
    Wattage: 150 watt power consumption
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    Halifax, NS


    I have been breeding labs for about 50 years, this is the best piece of equipment ever! Through trial and error I have designed a raised whelping box with this nest set into the floor. I find the nest so important I keep a spare. The original models were not repairable but the latest are. I have never lost a pup from being laid on since I bought my first nest. The weak pups have every chance because they are not stressed by being either too hot or too cold.


    Sartell Mn

    It worked very well to keep puppies a nice temp with no fear of burns

    New Jersey

    The Best

    I have been breeding for 20 years and it is my single most valuable piece of equipment. Mine is a toy breed and I can't imagine what the person did wrong who said her puppies fell through the middle. The middle of what? It is a "bowl" and there is no place to fall. I have never had a mother refuse to stay with her puppies and if one did get behind her it stayed there until she moved. If the nest is in the middle of the box (mine are slightly off to one side so there is room for the mother to lay down if she wants to get off the heat for a little while. I let mine stay on the nest until they get off on their own which i about 4 weeks but I "turn down" the heat around 10 days by wrapping a fuzzy fabric over the top and tucking it in around the sides which I have not nailed down but just placed in the cut out bottom. The heat is adjustable a bit but hard to do I leave it at the highest which is 95 degrees. No, I am not cooking the puppies since my own body temp is 98.6 so it is less than if on my lap. Invaluable !


    Whelping nest

    Very impressed with the product but my seasoned bitch didn't want to use it. She had a litter of 7 pups a few days early that could have benefited from the constant heat for stressed pups. As a creature of habit,she didn't adapt to it's use. We eventually lost all the pups. In hind sight, I should have taken the pups away from her and used the whelping nest.


    Best Product

    I have 2 of these and they are a wonderful product and I have used mine for several years. I raise Yorkies and this product has saved many puppies lives for me. It keeps the puppies at the correct temperature they should be at. My Mothers seem to really like it also. After whelping they stretch out on it and it seems to be very relaxing for them. I have not lost any puppies and would not be without this product. This is a 5 star product for me and I would not ever be without one!

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