Sterile Feeding Tubes

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    • Feeding Tubes help get nutrition to kittens and puppies
    • Flared tip fits on a regular luer syringe
    • Rounded tips prevent injury to the animal
    Use these flexible Feeding Tubes when your kittens and puppies aren't eating correctly or getting nutrition they need. Flared tip fits on a regular luer syringe, and the rounded tips prevent injury to the animal. Measures 16" long.
    Tubes measure 16" long.
    Size 3.5: Kittens & Small Puppies
    Size 5: Kittens & Small Puppies
    Size 8: Puppies & Large Kittens
    Size 10: Large Puppies
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    Been searching for clear with luer lock hub. SO hard to find!! A 3 fr size would be wonderful too!! I'll keep searching. I usually order all my supplies from this site, but can't stand these.


    • Lifesavers!
    • size matters
    • use bite guard!
    These tubes work well for kittens. We use size 5 for the first week then go up to 8 through the next week. If you make a mark for the stomach by measuring mouth to last rib, you can usually be sure that if it goes all the way in, you are in the right place. The bronchial "Y" stops the tube at halfway to the mark, so you know to back out and reinsert. We recently had a size 5 slip easily past the "Y" in an older kitten and drown the kitten! When we switched to an 8, we could tell that would not happen again. We will switch up for safety from now on, the experience was horrible. Also, be sure when the kittens get teeth to use a guard to prevent them biting and swallowing the tube., which is also deadly. A cut off piece of a reusable Starbucks straw works very well for us. It has a knob on it that is easy to hold, and is bite proof. If all of this makes tube feeding sound worrisome, it is still SO much safer and simpler to save kittens tube feeding than with bottles or syringes in our experience.

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    Great Product

    These feeding tubes are perfect! Thank you so much for carrying them! They are very easy to use and are a huge improvement over dropper or bottle feeding abandoned small animals since there is less chance of the animal aspirating the replacement milk. Also the ends of these tubes are smoothed into a rounded end that is less likely to cause damage as it is inserted and then the milk is released through two tiny holes just above the rounded ends- a huge improvement over other tubes. We have 2 very chubby and very healthy abandoned kittens that are as grateful for your fast shipping and great product as we are! Thank you! :)

    Essential for tube feeding neonates

    As a professional cat breeder I sometimes end up with baby kittens that cannot nurse. These Sovereign Sterile Feeding Tubes are perfect for tube feeding and helping these babies along until they can take care of themselves.

    Feeding Tubes

    These tubes are the best. We had previously used another brand and they were much less flexible and were constantly curling and hard to get in properly. It may have even resulted in aspirating 2 kittens, and with these tubes, that's never happened and we've never lost another kitten. I love that they already have holes at the end of the tube so that the formula is flowing from several openings and not just from the end making it a much smoother feeding. They are affordable and Revival is great with their ordering process. The first time I ordered them I had several questions and they had a knowledgeable person right there to answer all my questions. Revival and these tubes are unequaled.



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