FAT CAT Zoom Stuffer Catnip Toy

1pk, Assorted colors
Availability: Discontinued
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Starting at: $3.99
    • Stuffable catnip toy that they will adore
    • Includes 2 sachets that are stuffed with catnip
    • Assorted colors
    • Color and style not guaranteed
    FAT CAT Zoom Stuffer Catnip Toy will drive them wild with the catnip they love. Includes 2 sachets stuffed with catnip. Simply stuff the sachets inside the toy's pouch and watch the fun begin. Assorted colors.
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Christmas Presents Destroyed!! (not mine, though)

    I sent this to my brother for his calm, quiet older cat. "She doesn't like catnip", he told me. Well, the day it arrived, he placed his/wife's/cat's presents on the coffee table and went to sleep. The Fat Cat toy was in a paper bag, while the presents had traditional wrapping. The cat NEVER goes on the coffee table.

    In the morning, their presents were scattered around the room, and Fat Cat was out of the bag.

    GREAT catnip toy!!

    5 gold stars!!

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