Duramune Max 5

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  • Duramune® Max 5 prevents Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 1 (Hepatitis), Adenovirus Type 2 (Respiratory Disease), Parainfluenza, Parvovirus
  • Modified live virus
  • For use in puppies and dogs six weeks and older
Vaccines are non-returnable.

Duramune® Max 5 protects against diseases caused by Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 1 (Hepatitis), Adenovirus Type 2 (respiratory disease), Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus. All viruses in this vaccine are modified live versions of the virus. Recommended for the vaccination of healthy dogs six weeks of age or older. Contains twenty-five 1 ml doses.
For subcutaneous injection in dogs six weeks of age or older. Shake well before use.

Package Includes
25 (1 dose) vials of dry vaccine
25 (1 ml) vials of vaccine diluent

Contains Gentamicin as a preservative.
Only vaccinate healthy animals. Animals incubating any disease or stressed due to shipping, malnutrition, or parasitism may not achieve or maintain an adequate immune response.
Do not vaccinate pregnant bitches.
Protective immunity may not be completely established in all puppies vaccinated at less than 16 weeks of age because of maternal antibody interference.
In case of anaphylactoid reaction, administer epinephrine.

Store out of direct sunlight at 35°-45° F (2-7° C). Do not freeze. Do not mix with other vaccines. Use new, non-chemically sterilized needles and syringes. Use entire contents when first opened.

Burn vaccine containers and all unused contents.
Directions for Use: Aseptically rehydrate Duramune® Max 5 with diluent supplied. Administer one 1 ml dose subcutaneously. A recommended vaccination schedule should start at or about 6 weeks of age. The presence of maternal antibody is known to interfere with the development of active immunity. Puppies should be revaccinated every two to three weeks until twelve weeks of age. All dogs over twelve weeks of age should initially receive one dose of Duramune® Max 5 and a second dose 2 to 3 weeks later. Annual revaccination with one dose is recommended.

The Infovax-ID® System provides a simple and effective method of recording pertinent information on the vaccines administered to animals in a veterinary practice.
For vaccines requiring reconstitution, remove label from both vials and affix both labels to the animal’s medical chart. 1.) Grasp the lower right-hand corner of the tab at the arrow marked "Peel Here" between your thumb and forefinger. 2.) Pull steadily at a slight upward angle until the top portion of the label is separated from the vial. 3.) Place the label on the animal's medical chart. Press down on the label to ensure adhesion.
Overall Customer Rating of 32 Reviews:
Wellman, Iowa

Outstanding product!

Highly recommend this product. We have used Duramune Max 5 for almost 5 years and have never had a case of parvo!


Amazing Product!

  • Right Price and Quality
  • None So Far
I've been treating my German Shepherd Litters with this puppy vaccines at 6 and 8 weeks, none of my litters to my knowledge had any parvo or any other diseases so far. Is a good investment trust me, We'd used it every 2 weeks.


Super fast shipping, great price, and I have used this product for years.



I have been the Tucson, AZ area representative for ARIZONA POODLE RESCUE for almost 10 years. Even before that, I have been a customer of Revival Animal Health, when I rescued cats. I highly recommend their products. Duramune is responsible for keeping our rescue dogs safe from these awful diseases. Revival Animal Health provides us with a safe effective product, making sure it stays at a safe cool temperature in transit to protect it from our "dry heat" climate.


I have used this for many years and not had any issues with puppies reacting to it. Great value.

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