Dryer Maid Ball

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    • Dryer Maid™ Ball removes lint and pet hair from clothes
    • Easy-to-use, just throw it in your dryer
    • Separates clothes so they dry faster
    • Reduces wrinkles and static buildup
    • Chemical-free and reusable
    The Dryer Maid™ Ball removes pet hair and lint from your clothes and sends it to the lint trap by absorbing static electricity simply by placing it in the dryer. It softens clothes and decreases wrinkles eliminating the need for dryer sheets as well. Chemical-free and reusable. Removing pet hair and lint has never been easier! Measures approximately 4" in diameter.
    Directions for Use: Put the ball in your dryer with your clothes. Set the timer for 10 minutes less than what you would normally use. Clean your dryer's lint trap after each use.
    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    This is an exceptional product that works as long and better than anything I have ever tried. One word of warning. My ten month Catahoula baby got a hold of it this morning. It had been left in the dryer and became enrolled in one of her blankets. She found it before I did. I discovered it when I heard her tearing at something. Very common with her. The next thing I found was bloody vomit. Several times. I don't know if this is connected as the tests are not back yet. However, you might want to take double caution with your four legged babies. Keep you posted.

    Outstanding Product

    We have used this product for some time now and absolutely love it. We have a German Shepherd/Chow Mix who sheds a lot, So obviously she gets hair on our clothes too. This product has been a life saver. It removes the hair and sends it to the dryer lint screen. I don't understand how it works...BUT IT DOES. We could not survive without the Dryer Maid Ball. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has pets that shed, you will not be disappointed. It also lasts a very long time. Our three balls we had lasted us a year.


    Best Invention Yet

    I was given this dryer ball for a Mother's Day gift from a friend. I laughed at first and thought oh well what have I got to lose because I hate using those nasty dryer sheets which are loaded with chemicals and when our clothes are drying with them we absorb through our skin. The very first time I used it I noticed a huge difference and guess what NO CHEMICALS and NO SMELLS!@ This ball works GREAT and I give it FIVE stars. Try it you will love it. Don't know yet how long this will last or how many rounds of drying it can take but I can say this much, I will be ordering more for myself and my family to use!

    Very satisfied.



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