Coop Cups with Bolt Clamp

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    • Coop Cups with Bolt Clamp feature a clamp-on bracket that easily attaches to any style cage
    • Scratch-proof, rust-proof and chew-resistant
    • Great for birds and other small pets
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Convenient and easy to clean
    The Coop Cups with Bolt Clamps are perfect for attaching to the side of a cage. They're rust-proof, scratch-proof and chew-resistant. Bolt Clamp style bolts to the side of the cage for a more secure fit. Great for birds and other small pets. Convenient and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
    Size Dimensions Number of
    10 oz 3 ¾"W x 1 ⅞"D 1 bolt
    20 oz 4 ¾"W x 2 ⅛"D 1 bolt
    30 oz 5 ¾"W x 2 ¼"D 1 bolt
    64 oz 7 ½"W x 3"D 2 bolts
    Overall Customer Rating of 10 Reviews:

    So so

    Wish they held up longer. They do crack down the sides ever so often, the rings rust (black and silver), the bolt rusts and you can't the screw off, have to install with them still sitting on flat surface or they tip one side or the other. If they offered replacement ring holders only, it could give them longer shelf life for me personally. Since the bowls do outlast the holder.

    I do still like the bowls. For small animal use like rabbits they can't be chewed, affordable, and faster to remove and replace....until the rings begin to rust then the bowl's won't go in and out of the rings without a fight.

    Seattle, WA

    Big size, easy clean

    Great for dogs that tip their dish. Attaches easy to cage at any level. Dish slips securely into ring making it harder for most dogs to remove.

    Very Disappointed

    Though they show the black painted holder/mounting ring for this feed cup, they shipped the stainless look one. They rust, they break, they are horrible. Don't order these as they will not last, they are sticky when trying to screw them on to the cage doors, and they dont like to tighten down so they spill. Additionally, it takes an act of God to get the label out of the dish.

    Awesome holders

    This water bowl is my favorite. It has a nice clean feel, unlike the plastic cups. I prefer the metal. Highly recommend this product for travel.

    Sumas, WA

    These are awesome for air travel. Nice and easy to clean. I love the metal over plastic containers. These will last a long time. Unbelievable price too.



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