Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

    • Petmate® Compass Plastic Kennel is constructed with durable plastic
    • Slide 'N Snap Assembly requires no tools
    • 360° ventilation and oversized front door
    • Equipped with safeguard top and bottom door bars
    • Meets IATA and USDA standards
    Petmate® Compass™ Plastic Kennel is the first in the industry with Slide 'N Snap Assembly™, which requires no tools for assembly. The unique assembly takes only seconds. Durable plastic construction features 360° of ventilation to keep your pet comfortable and increase their visibility. The oversized chrome door features dual turn-dial latches that allow either left or right opening for easy access. The door is also equipped with safeguard top and bottom bars. The carriers feature one back latch. Nut/bolt compatibility and meets IATA and USDA standards. Made in USA. One year limited warranty. If flying, please see the Airline Travel Kit.
    19"19"L x 12.7"W x 11.5"H Up to 10 lbs
    24"24.6"L x 16.9"W x 15"H 10 - 20 lbs

    In addition to USDA and IATA regulations, each individual airline has its own policies regarding pets. Owners should consult with their airline prior to ticket purchase to ensure all requirements are met.

    A separate kit, including Feed and Water Containers and Live Animal Labels, may be required and should be purchased separately.
    Simple assembly required.
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    After waiting and re-scheduling UPS multiple times, product broken and does not even look like on the web - very dissapointed.

    Editor's Note:

    We hope you found our Customer Service follow-up satisfactory and that they were able to help you with your concerns.

    - Revival Animal Health

    Ojai CA

    Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

    Like the ventilation holes all around. Do not like the turn knobs for closing the gate. The plastic breaks down with use. Prefer the regular gate closure. They are too pricey for me. Would not pay this much for a crate.

    Sumas, WA

    This is a super great crate. It has the screws needed by airliners, and durable plastic which is easily cleaned. Over all product is super great!

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    19"L x 12.7"W x 11.5"H, Metallic White/Black
    In Stock 1+
    19"L x 12.7"W x 11.5"H, Metallic White/Black, 5ct
    In Stock 1+
    24.6"L x 16.9"W x 15"H, Metallic White/Black
    In Stock 1+
    24.6"L x 16.9"W x 15"H, Metallic White/Black, 5ct
    In Stock 1+

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