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    • CERTIFECTâ„¢ offers more power, more speed, and more protection
    • Starts killing ticks in 6 hours with 100% efficacy
    • Prevents reinfestation for up to one month
    • Aids in controlling mange, mites, and chewing lice
    Give your dogs up to three months of proven flea control plus added protection against the threat of disease carrying ticks with CERTIFECTâ„¢. It is the only product currently available that starts killing ticks in six hours with up to 100% efficacy within 18 hours. It also causes the tick to detach and prevents reinfestation for up to one month. This advanced treatment also aids in controlling sarcoptic mange, mites, and chewing lice and can be used on breeding, pregnant, and lactating bitches as well as dogs or puppies 8 weeks and older. Provides protection against Brown Dog Ticks, Black-Legged Deer Ticks, Gulf Coast Ticks, American Dog Ticks, Yellow Dog Ticks, European Dog Ticks, Wood Ticks, Paralysis Ticks, and Lone Star Ticks. Do not use on cats.
    Hold applicator upright away from face and body and cut applicator tip to open. Place tip through dog's coat to the skin level. Squeeze applicator applying entire contents in two separate spots on the base of the skull and shoulder blades where the dog cannot lick.
    Active ingredients: Fipronil, Amitraz, (S)-methoprene.

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