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    • Catac Standard Feeding Bottle helps you feed and wean small animals
    • Latex rubber teats simulate a mother's teat
    • Kit includes 30 ml glass bottle, 3 teats, valve, cleaning brush and instructions
    • Additional teats sold separately
    • Made in the UK
    The Catac Standard Feeding Bottle works well for hand feeding and weaning puppies, kittens and other small animals. The latex rubber teats simulate a mother's teat better than any other nurser. Made from toughened glass that has been hand-formed into a unique banana shape. The Kit includes one 30 ml glass bottle, three small (ST1) teats, one bottle valve, one cleaning brush and instructions. Additional teats sold separately. Made in the UK.
    Kit includes:
    1 (one) 30 ml Glass Bottle
    1 (one) Bottle Valve
    3 (three) small latex rubber teats (ST1)
    1 (one) Cleaning Brush

    Additional teats can be purchased separately. Available with three (3) latex rubber teats per package.

    Made in the UK
    Directions for Use: Mix food, fill bottle, and bring up to temperature by standing in warm water or by holding the bottle under warm tap water. There is a small teat at one end but no teat at the open end. The flow is controlled by placing the thumb over the open end. Release the thumb to increase the flow. (Or use Catac Bottle Valve)
    Cleaning Instructions: To clean, swill in warm water and detergent, scrub interior with the brush provided. Rinse thoroughly and leave in a solution of Milton® Sterilizing Fluid and water until next feeding.
    Overall Customer Rating of 13 Reviews:

    Foster mom for orphaned kittens

    • Nice nipples
    • good control with valve.
    • No easy way to measure kittens intake.
    I've used this product several times for litters the past 5 years. Every litter is different and prefer different feeding methods. I use bottles and syringes and this catac bottle. I like the control it gives me and it's the best feeding system for many of my littlest babies. It must seem more like mom.

    Too Small

    These bottles are very small. Apparently Catac makes two sizes a regular and a larger size. Revival sells only the smaller one. I wish they would sell both. These did not work for my cocker spaniel puppies. These might work for a very tiny pup, somewhere along the lines of small newborn Yorkshire Terriers or Chihuahuas. It would definitely be the right size for kittens and small wildlife. I do not know how well they function as my puppies could not even suckle from it due to the small size. The bottle itself is about 3 inches long. The teats measure about an inch in length and 1/2 a cm in diameter. The puppies cannot grasp it. The other side of the bottle would probably make a more suitable teat.

    Great for syringe feeding!

    I did not buy the bottle/kit but I did buy the replacement teets for syringe feeding 1 week old kittens. They worked very well. They are expensive and my 8 month old cat will swipe them if she can get her paws on them and then she destroys them.

    A must have for our newborn Sphynx.


    Great alternative for feeding baby kittens

    The Catac system is the best Ive used when baby kittens can't nurse because either their suck is too weak or they are smaller than their siblings and cannot get or stay on a nipple long enough to fully nurse. It is a little challenging to get the teat onto the bottle and you will need to modify the tip of it, but once a baby learns how to suck with it, you will be so glad because tubing is challenging and the regular nursing bottles in the retail stores make it too easy for too much milk to flow into the mouth thereby setting them up for choking. I always have an extra Catac on hand and recommend it without hesitation.

    Ann Arbor, Michigan

    worked great

    • easily accepted
    • easy to use
    • expensive
    I foster orphan kittens. Each group is different but this bottle when used correctly is easy and widely accepted by the tiny kittens. They seem to like the long nipple and suckle easily. I like the rubber vent cover, makes it simple to regulate flow and is easily removed to refill for the next kitten.



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