Avid Musicc Microchips

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  • Avid Musicc Microchips come in a canister that stores 25 non-sterile microchips
  • Quick-load dispenser makes it easy to load the chip without touching the microchip
  • Portable and convenient
  • Needles can be reused for more than one microchip injection
  • Needle and syringes sold separately
The Avid Musicc (Multi Use Sterilizable Integrated Chip Carrier) Microchips come in a canister that securely stores 25 non-sterile microchips in plastic vials. The quick-load dispenser ensures that chips are easy to load without touching the microchip. The microchip canister is preloaded with AVID microchips and accepts microchips that are 8 mm or 12 mm in length. The microchips can be sterilized by filling the container with a cold sterile solution and placing the canister inside. Simply remove the microchips from the carrier with the injector needle by rotating the top of the canister. Microchips are 125 kHz. Needles and syringes are sold separately and can be reused for more than one microchip injection. The needle/syringe kit includes 1 syringe and 3 needles.
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If it wasnt for my whippet being microchiped I never would of found her it may of took a yr but she was still found

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