Avid Microchip Registration Forms

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  • Avid Registration Forms provide a lifetime enrollment of your pet's microchip
  • No annual fees
  • Choose between regular and prepaid registration forms
  • The only way to find out where a lost pet belongs is through registration
  • Register your pets today!
Avid Registration Forms allow you to enroll your pet's microchip with PETtrac™ to begin protecting your pet. Microchipping does not help a pet if the owner does not register the microchip. Registering your pet is a crucial step to ensure your pet's safety! The PETtrac™ Recovery Network is a national pet recovery database. This is a lifetime enrollment with no annual fees, and services include a 24-hour pet recovery service and hotline. The database is secure and private, helping to fight fraud and pet theft. The one-time fee is $19.95 for a single pet or $50 for multiple pets (up to 3 pets). There is a $6 charge for information changes. Choose between regular registration forms (payment must be sent into Avid) or prepaid registration forms. The prepaid registration forms increase registration rates by bundling the microchip implantation and registration together. Pets are immediately traceable to the correct owner, and the pet owner doesn't have to send in money afterwards.
Simply fill out the registration form and mail to Avid. Regular registration forms will need payment sent, as well.

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