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    • Amber Bottles have molded ounce and ml markings
    • 12 oz has child-resistant cap
    • 1 oz has dropper cap with transparent shaft
    • Ideal for storing liquid medications
    Amber Plastic Oval Bottles with graduated markings work great for storing liquid medications. These bottles are light resistant to protect liquid medications from contamination, and feature ounces on one side and milliliters on the other for easing dosing. The 1 oz (3 ml) bottle includes a convenient dropper cap with transparent shaft. The 12 oz (30 ml) bottle has a child-resistant cap, requiring the user to push down and rotate the cap to open the container.
    Style: Pharmaceutical Bottle
    Dimensions (without cap):
    • 1 oz measures 3"H x 1.25"W x 1"D
    • 12 oz measures 6.5"H x 2.5"W x 1.875"D

    Neck Diameter:
    • 1 oz: .625"
    • 12 oz: 1"

    • 1 oz (3 ml)
    • 12 oz (30 ml)

    Color: Amber
    Attached Cap:
    • 1 oz: black squeeze dropper style cap with transparent dropper shaft
    • 12 oz: white foam lined cap with embossed message "While pushing down turn" with directional arrows
    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Great for mixed products

    I used these bottles to make up an albon solution to treat for cats and it worked very well for that. I have also used them to hold antibiotics that I made up from fish mox tablets for my cats. I only with they came with blank labels.



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