Revival Animal Shipping Guide

Here is a guideline to correctly choose your shipping method.

Items are marked according to three (3) special shipping restrictions. These restrictions can be found in the shipping code column in your shopping cart. (Table A) The three possibilities of product groups are:

  • Air only (Example: Vaccines)
  • Ground only (Example: Cages, Aerosol items)
  • Blank ( No restrictions)

If you have an order with items in more than one product group, you need to select a ship method from each drop down box to place an order. (Table B)

Example: On this order, you must pick a selection from the 3 drop down boxes.

  • Top box is blank which is for the terramycin, or any items with no shipping restrictions. You can choose to ship these items any method.
  • Middle box is for Air Only which is for the vaccines and polar box, or any items with Air Only restrictions. You must select 2 day or overnight shipping.
  • Bottom box is for Ground only which is for the cage or any items with ground only shipping restrictions. This item can only be shipped ground only.

If you want to combine ship methods, choose the same shipping method for 2 or more product sets. Click the "GO" button to recalculate the correct shipping total.


Table ATable B


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