How do I know which shampoo to use?

Selecting the correct shampoo is important to your animal. Under normal conditions you would use a gentle, routine shampoo. Some shampoos are medicated and are meant to be used for specific problems.

We have separated the various shampoos into categories to help you decide which shampoo is right for your pet. If you can't decide, give our sales staff a call. They will be happy to help you choose the shampoo that is right for you!

Tearless Shampoos
Tearless Puppy – Lambert Kay

General Shampoos
Fresh 'n Clean Scented Pet
Premier Pet

HypoAllergenic Shampoos
Doc Roy's Hydra-Clean
HyLy Hypoallergenic

Color Intensifiers
Doc Roy's Color Bright
BioGroom Super White
Sho Sno Color Intensifier

Anti-itch / Seborrheic Shampoos

Anti-fungal/Anti-bacterial Shampoos
Doc Roy's Medicated Shampoo
ChlorhexiDerm 2%
Health Guard Anti-microbial
Max ChlorhexiDerm 4%
Micro-Tek Pet
Vet Solutions Medicated

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