Doc Roy's Clinic on Ear Mite Infections

What are ear mites?
Ear mites are small parasites which crawl around in the ear canal of dogs and cats. The mites chew on the ear, feeding off the tissue debris and secretions for the ear canal lining. In general, they cause plenty of misery for your pet. Unfortunately, ear mites are highly contagious. The mites can move off the one pet and find another animal that is vulnerable to catching ear mites. If left untreated, the intense itching can lead to more serious conditions, such as blood blisters. Don’t take a chance on permanent damage to the ear canal.

How do I know an animal has ear mites?
Look for these symptoms: continuous scratching of the ears, shaking of head, and/or crusty appearance in ear. However, not all animals will exhibit signs of ear mite infection so it’s important to check their ears regularly. Ear mites usually induce the formation of a dry, dark brown, waxy discharge with crusts.

How do I treat ear mites?
Now, for the good news. Ear mite infections are easily treated. First you need to use a good ear cleanser to clean out the ear. Then follow up with a miticide product to kill the mites. Don’t forget to treat all the animals in the house (remember, it’s highly contagious). Treat your animals for 3-4 weeks to kill all mites, including the adults and eggs that will hatch later. Follow up again with an ear cleanser to keep the ears clean.

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