Remember...The First Aid Kit

Be prepared to take care of your pet in case of an emergency. Two important things to have on hand are a First Aid Kit and a good pet medical/health book. Take time to read about providing emergency care before you're faced with an emergency situation. Keep your pet medical/health book easily accessible.

First Aid Kits should contain certain essential items. Consider building your own. A fishing tackle box works great - it's transportable, durable and water-resistant.

Some of the items to include in your kit should be:

Remember to take your kit with you when you travel. If you are ever in a critical care situation with your pet, the most important thing you can do is remain calm. Panic is your worst enemy. It's important you keep your head so your pet can stay calm.

Contact your friends at Revival Animal Health for help in creating your First Aid Kit. We want you be prepared to provide your pet assistance in any emergency until you can get to your veterinary clinic.

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