Does My Pet Need Vitamins?

Your packaged dog food probably lists the average minimum vitamin requirements for your pet. But keep in mind that those averages might not meet the specific needs of your pet based on its age, breed or lifestyle.

Puppies and kittens require higher levels of calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D. They also need extra iron and more B complex vitamins to stimulate the appetite. Senior dogs and cats also need extra calcium and phosphorus. In addition, they need biotin and zinc to help prevent skin disorders and iron to avert old-age anemia. Adult pets with normal activity levels can benefit from a daily multiple vitamin. If your pet is very active, pregnant or nursing, you will want to provide a vitamin with higher levels of the essential vitamins.

Adding a vitamin supplement to your pet’s diet is an important part of its overall health and well-being. Contact Revival Animal Health for more information.

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