Testing for Internal Parasites

When examining fecal samples remember...

  • The sample must be fresh.
  • If it cannot be examined within a few hours, refrigerate the sample.
  • Do not freeze fecal sample.
  • When checking for Giardia or tapeworm eggs, do not use saturated sodium chloride, sodium nitrate or magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) as a medium.
  • A 33% zinc sulfate solution and a concentrated sugar solution will cause less distortion of Giardia cysts than saline salt solutions.
  • Use 10x magnification for scanning slider, 40x magnification for smaller organisms such as Giardia.
400X Biological Microscope
Microscope Plain Glass Slides
Microscope Cover Glass
Diagnostic Parasitology
Fecal Flotation System

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