Sending New Puppies Home

The time has gone so fast – your new puppies were just born this spring, and already these small bundles of fur are grown and ready to find new homes. However, you know that not all customers are qualified to care for a dog, and you want your puppies to be cared for and loved!

When customers come asking about your puppies, you should also ask questions in return. Why do they want a puppy? Who is going to be responsible for caring for the puppy? Are there children or other pets in the house? How are you going to handle training and obedience? You should feel comfortable that your puppies are going to a loving, caring home. Be honest if you don’t feel your puppies are a proper fit for the family’s needs and expectations.

As customers come to meet your puppies, introduce them to the mother and each puppy. Monitor the interaction with the dogs and gauge the reactions from both the family and the puppies. You should also offer a tour of your facilities, allowing customers to see the type of care the puppies are accustomed to and the kind of care you expect them to give as well.

When the day comes that your puppies leave, make sure you have all the proper paperwork. In addition to the sales contract, have records from your veterinarian about each puppy, including breeding information, the vaccination records and the future vaccination schedule and needs. Include microchip and registration information, as well as AKC or CKC registration information if applicable.

Encourage your customers to contact you if they have any further questions about caring for their puppy. Breeding puppies is not just a one time commitment – if your customers are later unable to care for their puppy, you should be able to take it back and continue caring for it.

You care for your puppies and you want their new families to care for them as well. Make sure you make the proper preparations and find the right families to ensure your puppies are happy this summer – and for the rest of their lives!

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