Microchip Registration Tips

Registration – Sometimes new owners forget to send in the registrations, so the animal is tracked back to the person who implanted the chip. The seller has to go through their records to determine which animal received that chip number and who purchased the animal. This can be a frustrating, time-consuming chore. Avid Prepaid registration cards can prevent this from happening.

Pre-paid Registration Cards – These set up direct registration to the new owner at the time of sale, thus savings time and when an animal is sold, the card is filled out with the pertinent information. The breeder collects the registration fee and sends in the card to transfer the registration to the new owner. This way, when a lost pet is scanned, the new owner will be contacted to claim their animal.

Whichever method is used for the registration, it is an important step to ensure the return of the animal to the proper owner. Time is critical to an animal waiting in a shelter and having direct registrations will ensure the timely return of your beloved pet.

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