Toys - Learn to Play, Play to Learn

Time To Bond

Toys can help your puppy adjust to his new home. Make your play time a bonding time and praise the puppy for playing with his toys. Toys can be your ally in training your puppy: toys divert your puppy's energy and prevent destructive chewing. They are a stress reliever for puppies — you leave your puppy alone, he has his toys and feels less isolated. 

Legal Toys
Your puppy has an active mind and needs lots of exercise. Toys are very important to have around so you can teach your puppy what he can and cannot play with. Everything looks like a toy to a puppy, so you need to have something “legal” to play with and chew on when he goes for the power cord (very illegal). Many puppy owners rotate toys to keep them interesting and fresh. Toys can aid in crate training, prevent harmful chewing and help your puppy get the exercise he needs. Your Revival Pet Care Consultants talk to puppy owners every day and can make recommendations and give advice on what toy is best for your puppy. We rotate new toys frequently.

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