Doc Roy’s OXY Treats use an all natural wheat germ derivative, octacosanol that improves lung health and respiration.  Once the dog breaths better, there is more oxygen in the dog’s blood and this contributes to improved stamina and over all heath, including sexual health.  It is impossible to separate sexual health from good health.  We supply these ingredients in an all human grade meat treat.  (Octacosanol is widely used in human athletics and the Navy Seals supplement their diets with it.)

Doc Roy’s products are high in natural antioxidants to improve octacosanol’s effectiveness.  The antioxidant used in these treats is natural vitamin E, which adds to the overall health of the dogs as well.

Here is a treat that your dog will love and it’s all human grade.  The meat that is in the treat is produced in a USDA inspected facility.

Expect to see quickly a healthier dog regardless of age, sex or breed.  This will be shown as a calmer demeanor, better hair coat, better mobility and a steady stamina (no peaks and valleys).  Most people see a remarkable improvement in ten days. 

We add additional ingredients to improved mobility, bone structure, lactation, breeding, and optimal growth to the special Doc Roy products described in this catalog.  I’m proud to be the inventor and developer of this product and of my association with Revival.

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