Steps to Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth

Step 1 – Gradually introduce your pet to a brushing program. The sessions should be kept short and you should always provide your pet with positive reinforcement. Do not over-restrain your pet during the process. Praise and reassure your pet throughout the entire process.

Step 2 – You will want to help your pet get used to you having your hand in their mouth. To do this, try dipping your finger into beef bouillon for dogs or tuna water for cats. Rub your soaked finger gently over the pet’s gum and teeth. Remember to make this session short and positive for the pet.

Step 3 – Once your pet is comfortable with your finger, gradually introduce using gauze over your finger and gently scrub your pet’s teeth in a circular motion.

Step 4 – Now you can finally introduce a toothbrush to your pet. You will want to use an ultra-soft brush designed for people or you can use a toothbrush designed specifically for pets. Do not use toothpaste labeled for use in humans because it could upset your pet’s stomach. We recommend using CET toothpaste.

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