Oral Cal Plus

(Source of Fast Absorbing Oral Calcium)

Oral Cal Plus is recommended for use in dogs with high calcium demand. Post whelping mothers and fast growing weaned puppies need a supplemental source of rapidly absorbed calcium to prevent low calcium problems of milk fever or soft bones. 

In the bitch, the clinical disease of low calcium (hypocalcemia) is called “eclampsia” or “milk fever” or “puerperal tetany.” This is an acute, life threatening disease that occurs in dogs and rarely in cats. Eclampsia is commonly encountered 1-3 weeks after giving birth, and can occur anytime post whelping.   Litter size does not have to be large to cause this condition, though good milking mothers are at a greater risk. 

What will you see?
Fortunately the clinical signs are recognizable, especially when coupled with early lactation. Calcium is used in milk production and in muscle contraction. Low calcium causes muscle to shake instead of contract giving a rigid nervous look. The lactating female is especially susceptible to low blood calcium due to whelping and milk production. Initially, the animal will be restless and nervous sometimes not settling to take care of babies. Breeders refer to these signs as lazy whelping, nervous mother, and growling with aggression towards puppies. Bitches in trouble with extremely low calcium in the blood may not be able to stand and exhibit leg rigidity. Body temperature may increase to dangerous levels due to muscle contraction and may have an increased respiration rate. At this stage the condition requires veterinary intervention and IV calcium to prevent the loss of the mom. 

Prevention by supplementation!
The diet of these females cannot keep up with the increased demands for calcium they are putting in the milk. The bitch will pull calcium out of the bones to make up the difference and replace it after weaning.  This process is normal and beneficial to regulate the minute to minute demand for calcium during milk production. We do not want to supplement a pregnant female before whelping as she must get ready to pull calcium out of the bone during this time. The bitch does benefit from a readily absorbable calcium supplement at whelping through lactation to prevent low calcium problems before they happen. 

The primary treatment for eclampsia is to have a veterinarian administer calcium intravenously.  However, the administration of rapidly absorbed oral calcium has been shown to be an effective prevention. Oral Cal Plus is an excellent supplement and management tool when calcium is in high demand in the bitch.

Bitches are able to pull calcium out of the bone help regulate the calcium demand as needed and that is good. After whelping, we supplement her calcium demand to support the bitch in regulating her blood calcium levels needed decreasing the demand on her body. In the process we prevent milk fever rather than treating it. Prevention is cost effective and easier on mom.  

This supplement can be safely and effectively used for the following types of conditions:
Use during whelping.
        -         Helps the mother’s contractions during delivery.
        -         Calcium deficiency can occur during delivery, so providing Oral Cal Plus at the start of whelping to increase the strength of contractions hastens delivery of her puppies.

    Use with new moms while puppies are nursing.
        -         Supplements mother’s demand for additional calcium during milk production.
        -         Supplemental calcium during lactation decreases the need to replace bone calcium after weaning allowing the bitch more time to get ready for the next pregnancy.

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