Skin Conditioners & Fatty Acid Supplements

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA).
Fatty acids help skin and haircoat remain healthy. They may help heart health and reduce arthritis pain and inflammation. Pets on low fat diets need fatty acid supplements because they may not be getting the proper amount in their food. Look for results to begin 3-6 weeks. Fatty acids exist in nature and cannot be synthesized by the body, but are necessary to maintain health. Prostaglandins, produced by EFA’s, regulate body functions such as energy production and metabolic rate. The brain will not function without EFA’s. For best results, EFA’s must be used together in balanced ratio. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids are linolenic acid that aids in maintaining the coat of the animal. Omega 3 fatty acids are linoleic acid that controls the itching and inflammation of the skin.

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