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Revival Animal Health Extra Ice

  • Revival Animal Health® Extra Ice keeps products cold during shipping
  • Recommended for vaccines and other refrigerated products
  • Ordering 1 adds 2 ice packs
Revival Animal Health® Extra Ice gets sent in our polar boxes with products that need to stay refrigerated.

Product Reviews
Stuck in the Ice
By: Really?
From: Connecticut
I was so happy to be given the opportunity to review this product. The extra ice (along with the Styrofoam cooler) were two products I was required to purchase in order to receive the vaccines I needed. A bit of a quandary since I didn't have a choice. It's part of the shipping costs. We do reuse the ice packs.
Great packs!
By: Janet
From: Kentucky
These packs stay cold, for sure! I was concerned when I ordered Azodyl (I used the 2 day instead of overnight) and was told everything would be fine. They were correct!

By: mojenzo
Great easy to use
By: 3sands
From: colorado
For the price that they charge for shipping you would think the extra ice and shipping box would be free.
Extra Ice
By: marciferg
From: TX
Here in Texas where there is constant drought and over 100-degree heat, this is a real blessing for a small price. Absolutely LOVE the polar box!


Kennel owner
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