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Top Tag Pet ID

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Top Tag Pet ID protects your pet more than any other pet tag by providing complete care information to friends, vets, kennels, pet sitters and rescuers who may be responsible for your pet's welfare and special needs.

With Top Tag you can easily write, organize, store and retrieve ALL of your pet’s important care information. The super small 64MB USB flash drive comes in a waterproof case and attaches to your dog’s collar. It only takes seconds to access your pet's Top Tag information on millions of Windows® desktop or laptop computers.

Top Tag Pet ID Contains 7 Main Categories and 14 Sub-Categories of Pet Care Information, including Basic Information, Food & Diet Information, Behavior/Personality, Words and Commands that your pet knows, Nature's Call, any Medical Information that might save your pets life, In Memoriam and a Photo Album.

Top Tag covers the complete life span of a pet—and in addition to documenting standard pet care information—Top Tag lets owners list and describe all those extra special things they do for their animal companions. There are sections on home cooked food menus, grooming, romps in the pet park, play time, sleep time, and distinctive likes and dislikes of the pampered pet.

This thorough and thoughtful pet protection program tries to make it easy for pet owners to include all of the essential care and nurturing information on their pets. Even if a pet has a unique situation, the pet owner can use the Additional Comments box that appears at the end of each section to explain the care procedures in full detail. Top Tag is complete pet protection in a digital form.

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